Exciting times! Hello everyone, your friend Wally here. Sorry for the delay in updated contributions, life's been a little nutty lately. On a positive note, I'm now engaged! On another positive note, I have booked a table for the Maine Comic Arts Festival in may! This is a show I've always wanted to do and cannot wait! I have a top secret book in development now that hopefully I can put together some form of preview in time for that show. Stay tuned! That's all the updates for now, I just wanna send out a huge thank you to Matt Ryan over at Free lunch studios for all his help and Internet wizardry in putting this site together, thanks bud. Take care, until next time! I included a pic of my fiancé and I from our engagement, simply because she's adorable. Enjoy!

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    Blogbotz landing page.....welcome stranger. This is your up to the minute   ( don't hold me to that ) news source for all things Twin Robotz! Convention appearances, sales on merchandise, thoughts for the day, what I'm eating for dinner and what I'm currently working on. Basically everything you need to know.


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